Marketing Your Home

Marketing Your Home

There are three main elements that determine how easily your home will sell:

  1. Pricing: Although the market ultimately determines the price, your home will sell more quickly if it’s priced appropriately. To determine the right price for your home, we always start with a thorough market analysis, using information on comparable recently-sold homes in your area and a number of other factors.
  2. How well it shows: Staging is critical to ensure your home is clean, uncluttered and sale ready. But what does great staging do if no one gets to see your home?  Your home has to show well both in person and online. Studies show that online home listings with six or more images get 366 percent more viewers than those with less than six. And listings with virtual tours do even better.  We provide a virtual tour with every listing and ensure every web site where your home listing appears has at least six photos. In addition, our listing service includes a complimentary professional staging consultation.
  3. How well your REALTOR markets your home: The Hooper Home Team uses the latest channels for marketing your home. We assess your home, price, and target market to determine the right combination of channels to get your home sold.

The Hooper Home Team uses the latest technologies and techniques for marketing your home both online and through traditional channels:

  • Websites: Including MLS listing sites,, kijiji,, and third party web sites.
  • Social Media: We will your listing on our popular Facebook page to reach a wide audience of potential buyers.
  • Mobile Accessible: is mobile friendly. So when a potential buyer sees your home either in person or our site, they can easily view details on their phone, then instantly email, text or call us to express their interest.
  • Post Cards: We regularly send out postcards about our new listings to a high quality list of prospective buyers.
  • Print Advertising: We use local and community newspapers, as many buyers pay close attention to print ads.
  • Reflective for Sale Sign: Eye catching signs can be surprisingly effective. Our reflective signs are designed to catch the eye of passersby day and night.
  • Video: Virtual tours are very powerful as they provide the best views of both the interior and exterior, showing off the best features of your home. These videos appear on both our web site and our youtube channel.
  • Newsletter: We have a valuable list of contacts who are past buyers, sellers, and prospects. We send these contacts information about new listings on a regular basis.
  • Other Realtors: Research shows that only the top 20 percent of agents make 80 percent of real estate sales. We know who these top agents are, and we market your home directly to them. And since RE/MAX Hallmark Realty is Ottawa’s largest real estate brokerage, our internal advertising of your home goes a long way.

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